Interdisciplinary archaeological prospection, excavation and


The Iron Age ritual building at Uppåkra, southern Sweden

Historiska Museet. Lund. Oral communication, Karl-Magnus Lenntorp, Department of Archaeology and  Sun is rising over Uppåkra and it's not hard to understand why people thousands of years ago settled down here. This archaeological site in Skåne, Sweden is  Uppåkra Sveriges rikaste fyndplats Starożytne Artefakty, Historia, Artyści, Europa, figure gives a glimpse of the Viking Age - HeritageDaily - Archaeology News.

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Här hittar ni livesändningen från Vendeltidsdagen 2020 av L Larsson · 2007 · Citerat av 57 — Uppåkra 2002. Duplicate. Lund: Department of Archaeology.Google Scholar. Mortensen, P. & Rasmussen, B. M. (ed.). 1988. Fra Stamme til Stat i Danmark 1. The purpose of the project The Key to Uppåkra is to create an integrated database containing spatial and chronological information from the archaeological  In the framework of a large-scale archaeological prospection pilot study conducted at the archaeological site of Uppåkra using remote sensing  EAA 2012: Large-scale archaeological prospection of Iron Age Central Places in Sweden.

A large number of studies have been published concerning the use of laser scanning, image based 3D modelling and GIS. By integrating different typologies of 3D data from Uppåkra, an Iron Age central place in southern Sweden, this thesis focuses on the development and evaluation of how 3D PDF | On Jan 1, 2012, Manuel Gabler and others published Large scale archaeological prospection of the Iron Age central place Uppåkra in Sweden | Find, read and cite all the research you need on Investigations at Uppåkra The Uppåkra site, situated approximately 5km south of Lund, served as a focus because of its special structure and find material (Figure 1).The site was first recognised in 1934 during building works. A minor excavation revealed occupation layers with a thickness of more than 2m (Vifot 1936; Stjernquist 1996).

Archeological Findings – Uppåkra

Ethnographic study of archaeologists in the field brings the thesis into contact with sites and material practices as well as literary sources and accounts of archaeology and methodological problems. The on-going excavation campaign at Uppåkra in Scania began in 1996 and the site has seen fieldwork annually since. The archaeology covers c.

Irja Piippo's Instagram profile post: “Tillbaka i Uppåkra och gräver

Exploring images of the human being in the transition to agriculture.

In summation: if you are interested in an excavation display, you are welcome to visit Uppåkra in September. Experiment of Digital Archaeology in Uppåkra Sweden.This experiment was realized by Nicolo' Dell'Unto, Stefan Lindgren, Carolina Larsson and Mattias Wallergård. Uppåkra is located in the Southern part of Sweden known as Iron Age (c. 500 BC to 1000 AD) site in the Scandinavian perspective. Central place theory is basically a geographical theory that seeks to explain the number, size and location of human settlement in the urban system and it defines archaeological sites with a combination of political, economical and religious functions.
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"Swedes have been brewing beer since the Iron Age", visar fynd i Uppåkra. Enligt sajten självt är det "one of the most recognised brands in archaeology and a  Student dissertations within archaeology and environmental archaeology are till arkeologin med exempel från undersökningarna i Uppåkra och Gudme. During four days in the fall of archaeologists at the Swedish National Heritage Board, Department of Contract Archaeology UV Syd , conducted a trial excavation  Later archaeological excavations prove with the 23 000 significant findings and traces of a pagan temple that Uppåkra used to be the economic and political centre  Uppsatser om UPPåKRA.

Fynden i centrum. Keramik, glas och metall från Uppåkra.
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Senneolitisk grav i Uppåkra

Almqvist  till de eventuellt kristna vikingatida gravarna under Uppåkra kyrka är artikeln ”Viking Age Uppåkra. Between Paganism and Christianity” i Lund Archaeological  Gjort och ogjort i Uppåkra. I: Larsson, L. & Hårdh, Aspects of Social and Spatial Organization 1800—500 B.C. Archaeology and Environment 6. Umeå.

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The site is strategically situated on the highest point of the Lundaslätten plain and is also sited in close proximity to a road believed to be of an Iron Age date or older Journal of Roman Archaeology, 28, 393-402. Journal of Roman Archaeology LLC..

Sofia Winge - Uppåkra Arkeologiska Center

Uppåkra. Reconstruction of the Heathen tempel of Uppåkra in Sweden by the Sven Rosborn, Museum of Foteviken. Excavations at Uppåkra in Skåne, Southern Sweden revealed a large site of c. 40 hectares with many interesting, although ill-understood, aspects.

Välkommen till Uppåkra Nordens största, fyndrikaste och mest långvariga järnåldersbosättning!